Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber Review

Are you an athletic person or a smoothie-lover? Want to increase the consumption level of fiber? Looking for high protein and superior flavor drink mixer? If like so, then Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber is an excellent choice for you. Add a tablespoon of this mixer to any of your smoothies or drinks and consume it regularly.

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Features of Nutiva Organic Hemp protein mixer:

With a wide range of products available in the market, why I need to buy this product? This is your question right!! Keep scrolling to know features of this product.




#1: USDA-certified organic hemp seeds:

The Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber is made up of organic hemp seeds which are legally grown by Canadian farmers. This is fully a USDA-certified organic hemseads.

#2: High-fiber protein drink mix:

This Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber is a high-fiber protein drink mix and it has 2 healthy, cold-mild, and organic hemp protein.

#3: Healthy compounds:

This hemp protein and fiber contains 37% protein, 43% fiber, and 10% fat. Moreover, its latest product contains 50% of hemp protein, 50% of protein, 20% of fiber and 11% of fat.

#4: 2 different date:

This product has 2 different dates on its package and one indicates that best by date and another date is production date.

#5: Fantastic for athletes:

This hemp protein with fiber is ideal product for athletic people who are looking to increase their overall fiber consumption

Similar Product Comparison:

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Feature - 2
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Here is the quick Overview of Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber:

Final Conclusion:

If you’re seriously looking for the best smoothie mixer to your regular life, then I recommend this Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber for you. Add a tablespoon of this powder to your food to increase the fiber and nutrition.Read Customers Reviews on Amazon

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