Heat Holders Thermal Socks, Men’s Original Review

Want to keep your feet warm during cold season? Looking for a better option than normal cotton socks? If like so, then Heat Holders Thermal Socks are the right choice for you, because it keeps your feet more warm than the cotton shocks. These ultimate thermal shocks are available in 7 different colors.

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Features of Heat Holder Thermal Socks:

The features of Heat Holder Thermal Socks are described below in a short manner.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks Mens Original

Heat Holders Thermal Socks Mens Original


#1: Heavy bulk yarn

The Heat Holder Thermal Socks is made with fully developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities to keep the feet warm for a long time.

#2: Intense brushing process

With the intense brushing process, the Heat Holder Thermal Socks produces a soft brushed inner fabric which helps to maximize the amount of warm of air in your feet for the entire day.

#3: Thermal pile knitting technology

The innovative thermal pile knitting technology used in the thermal shocks results in the unique and extra looped cushion pile which holds warm air for a long period of time and increases the thermal tog rating.

#4: Materials used

The materials used in these thermal socks are 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon, 3% Polyester and 1% Elastane.

#5: Long pile cushioning

A long pile cushioning feature of thermal socks offers support and comfortable to wear for the day.

Similar Product Comparison:

Product NameFeature - 1Feature - 2Price
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Carhartt Men's Extremes Cold Weather Boot SocksMachine WashFights odor Check Price
Duofold MenWicking Thermal Pant60% Cotton/40% PolyesterClassic 2-ply cotton-rich thermal underwear Check Price
Heat Holders Thermal Socks100% AcrylicThe Original Heat Holders Crew Sock Check Price
The Original Heat Holders Crew Sock91% Acrylic 5% Nylon 3% Polyester 1% ElastaneMachine wash, permanent press on warm Check Price

Here is the quick Overview of Heat Holders Thermal Socks, Men’s Original:

Final Conclusion:

The Heat Holder Thermal Socks are available at a cheap rate and men who have a shoe size of 7 to 12 can make use of these socks to keep the feet warm for all the day.

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