12 Best Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Suffering from back pain? Searching for methods to reduce it? Here we present you with 12 ways to reduce Back pain. Experts say that most of the people suffer back pain due to their improper life style and improper posture. It is necessary for people to address any physical injury or pain in the back as soon as possible because back is one of the most important parts of our body and must be kept strong and healthy.

Reduce Back Pain

1: Limited Bed Rest:

Studies reveled, that people with short time lower back pain who took rest felt higher pain and found it difficult to perform daily tasks says Mike Flippin MD orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in back and spine. He states that he motivates his patients to move as quickly as possible. He also states that patients should avoid more than three days of bed rest.

2: Regular Exercise:

Activity is the best medicine against back pain, simple exercise like walking can come in handy. It takes you out of the sitting posture and makes you stand in an upright neutral position. Just stay away from works like gardening that causes the pain in the first place.

3: Keeping up a good Posture:

Maintaining a good posture is one of the key elements to reduce Back pain, most of the people today don’t maintain a good posture which causes heavy pressure in the spine and the nerves. Even the little things add up, leaning on the sink incorrectly to brush your teeth may add up to the pressure on the nerves and Back.

4: Consulting a Specialist:

Getting an individual exercise plan is really necessary to face the chronic back pain, there is no magic aspirin for back pain in everyone. D. Scott Davis, PT, MS, EdD, OCS, an Orthopaedic surgeon tells some just need to strengthen their core and some just need to stretch and improve flexibility.

5: Strengthen your core:

Majority of the people have a weak core that needs to be strengthen up. The torso is a combination of muscle group that works together, if one part of the muscle is not working the others may get slacked due to it and cause pressure on the back. So strengthen your abdominals to reduce the risk of back pain.

6: Improving Flexibility:

The less amount of work that people have every day has caused high tightness in the muscles this can also contribute to back pain, the best way to reduce this is by sitting on the edge of your bed placing one leg on the ground and the other leg stretched, to give a workout to the hamstrings by reaching for your toe in a upright position.

7: Throw away your Braces:

Babying your back may be very comfortable but the braces can be useful only for heavy works like weight lifting though you only have to keep them on for 15 min. prolonged use of the braces may weaken the core muscles that provide stability.

8: Using Ice and Heat:

Using ice and heat packs on the injury is a very comforting method, especially use ice when there is swelling and heat after that. But experts say to use whatever you feel comfortable with until your skin is protected

9: Sleep the right way:

Sleeping in improper posture or on un-supported mattress will cause back pain. Here are some points to different sleepers.

  • Back sleepers should put pillows under their knees.
  • Side sleepers should place pillows between their kneesto keep their spine in a neutral position.
  • Stomachsleeping causes the neck and head to twist and can put undue stress on the back.

10: Quit Smoking:

A recent research has shown that people who do not smoke had less chance of suffering from back pain. Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink and blocks the flow of blood to the small veins.

11: Talking Therapy:

Back pain can be often seen with issue such as depression and anxiety, talking therapy can help in reducing the pain as your emotional state colors you’re the perception of pain.

12: Try Relaxation Techniques:

Experts say that relaxation methods like meditation, tai chi and yoga can put the mind at rest and perform wonders to your back.

Try out these 12 ways to reduce Back pain, we hope it helps you to reduce your pain. Got any other alternative to reduce back pain? Then feel free to share it in the section below.

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