About Us

About us

Welhealthcare is a health care platform created by Mensagam, with the initiative to provide health care solutions to everyone at the touch of a button. We have a group of health care experts who are closely working with us, in keeping this digital space informed and updated.

“Health is wealth”, Health is important to everyone. There is nothing compared to a healthy life. Rajendira Prasad, Author, Welhealthcare

Why Welhealthcare?

In today’s digital world people don’t have time to visit a doctor and get medical advices, hence we decided to provide a unique portal were user get updated news on medical advices. Welhealth care will also serve as a platform were the latest medical news, news on newly born diseases will get updated in real time.

What made us?

We saw people from our relations, society, neighbors everybody facing some kind of health problems. We found out that these health problems also lead people to pour money into hospitals seeking a cure, all due to the lack of proper knowledge on health. We decided that the only curable solution as “Welhealthcare”


To create a digital space for all the precautionary measures for newly born dieses and help people live a healthy life, through actively joining hands with other medical practitioners and medical advisors.


We took up a mission through Welhealthcare, i.e:  To reduce the rate of dieses and to spread the wealth of health to everyone.